Countdown- less than 10 days to go !

Happy New Year greetings.   Well time is certainly short until I finally launch.

Life is becoming a bit of a blur as time speeds up and there are still so many unfinished tasks to do.

Christmas went by in a flash and the same with New year. Christmas was very special and spent with the family at Faye’s. New year’s Eve was low-key and sentimental,  a visit in the afternoon with friends to the Rex theatre in Berkhamsted to see a showing of “Pretty Woman”  and then home to Faye’s to dog sit her three lovely hounds

keep calmAfter 3 visits I have now completed my vaccination programme of 8 injections, 2 doses of oral Cholera and have been prescribed anti-malarial tablets ( to be taken on the Orissa leg of the trip). I now have a slightly sore, but very valuable left arm.- worth over £450 !

I am eagerly, if some what anxiously awaiting the return of my visa for India. Although applied for on the 13th Dec. I couldn’t get an appointment at the Visa office until after Christmas so time is short for the processing and return. Prayers are requested for its speedy expedition and granting in full. I have applied for a 2 year tourist with a multiple entry  requirement to allow me to exit the country to renew it . Under the terms of  a tourist visa this has to be done every 180 days . I am hoping that the Indian High Commission authorities grant this and do not down grade my visa in favour of a lesser time period of a year. As this would mean for shortening the time I spend volunteering with the team.

The need to exit the country every 6 months to renew my visa is an irritant and also bumps up the budget costs of my stay . Some of you might have wondered why the costs  for travel, insurance and visa  seemed high. Well this goes part way to explaining it.

When I looked at the amount of “stuff” I need to take out with me for my year’s stay, I  have decided to sent a bag on ahead. The idea of travelling for 3-4 weeks with hand luggage and several suitcases passing through several internal airports was just too risky. I also think lugging my worldly goods around the countryside would have done my back in, not the start I want for my adventures.

luggage picture

I still need to dispose of my car. It’s been a hard decision to give up my beloved Celica as over the years it has brought me so much pleasure driving it. However, it is the sensible thing to do. After a year off the road the engine will probably have seized up or at the very least the battery and tyres will be flat. Although it is very reliable due to its age things do need attention and replacement. So it is with regret that I have to let her go along with so many other material things. Still the freedom I gain for not having such responsibilities is enormous – a great trade-off. De-cluttering one’s life is a positive activity.

Time is short and I am in need of help. So if anyone has interest in helping me to dispose/sell of my car please get in touch. Mobile: 07940127525.

At Hockliffe Street Baptist church on 7th January there will be a slot                                  in the service to recognise the church  sending” me to serve.                                                         The service starts at 10:30 am.        Church Address:
Hockliffe Street
Leighton Buzzard
There is no car parking space available at the church, but there is public car parking in the library car park, entrance opposite the church – free during evenings and on Sundays. There is disabled access via the side doors and during Sunday services a ramp is available at the front of the building.
Map: Follow this link or download this file
Sat-nav users: If you use the post-code alone to set your sat-nav up, you may be directed to the eastern section of Hockliffe Street  rather than the western section which is where the church is. If in doubt, follow the signs for the car-parking at the Library Car-Park, not the A4012 signposted to Hockliffe.

All are welcome to come and join me and the congregation in celebrating  God’s faithfulness and His hand on my life in the past and going forward.




I should like to wish you all a peaceful and happy New Year. Here’s praying my visa and passport are returned by the 7th and I hope to write again with an update prior to my departure if time allows.  Maggie

2 thoughts on “Countdown- less than 10 days to go !”

  1. Hope you have a wonderful send off at the service Maggie. We will pray for you in Cublington too. Unfortunately I have to go straight to London to collect my father from hospital after church in Cublington otherwise I would have come to Hockliffe Street. God Bless , Sarah


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